keskiviikko 4. elokuuta 2021

Interpretations of Clay

Stine Keinicke: Ilma

”In this project I wanted to explore air as a shaping tool for clay, with the aim of creating shapes 
that you don’t normally see in the ceramic industry. This protect is an exploration creating 
a new technique to shape ceramics, which has resulting in a library of airy semi-fragile pieces.”

Stine Keinicke: Mänty

When I was a child someone once told me that the pine is the only type of tree that grows 
in Finland. Getting invited to Taattisen Tila Artist Residency invoked this nostalgic memory. 
The idea of using Finnish pine therefore became my initial concept to this project.”

Aniko Kuikka: Nesting

”The starting point of my project was noticing the swallows flying through 
the residency working space. There are multiple nests and 
the birds were attending their little ones. 
Swallows are building a nest from clay, hay and their saliva.
So I too built a house with the same materials (minus the saliva).”

Michail Vanis ja Cindy Strobach: A thousand lakes

During our residency we adopted a Japanise ceramics technique called nerikomi. 
It involves layering multiple colours of clay to form a tiled image, 
which is then streched into a shape. In this particular piece a pixelated depiction of Särkkä,
a neigbouring island, can be seen. Making the nerikomi block 
with this labour intensive process allowed us to get to know 
the surrounding area through the materiality of clay.”

Michail Vanis ja Cindy Strobach: Tuuli tool

We wanted to make the wind audible to test our observations, 
but also to share them with passers-by and invite them to pause, listen and notice 
the signs themselves. We took the raw clay from the lake 
and turn it into the wind wistlers that are hung on trees and across poles. 
When the wind is just right the wistles hum away validating our observations.

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  1. Oi, onpa upeita töitä. Mikä luovuus ja kokeilevuus!

    1. Olen Marjatta kanssasi samaa mieltä: Upeita ja luovia töitä :)